Tidbits from around the web


Welcome to October, the weather has been perfect, I could live in this exact fall temperature forever.   I'm gearing up for a solo trip to meet up with some college friends, I'm sure shenanigans are in store.   While I pack and plan here are some links to kick off the week.  

** This post was written and scheduled prior to the awful events that unfolded last nigth in Las Vegas.   I am adding this link, to an article written by Vox that outlines the gun issues in the US in charts and graphs.   It's certainly something to think about as we are once again reeling from a horrible tragedy. 

1.  This had me cracking up.  Wish I would have run across them while I was shopping the other week, the zipper looks mighty convenient.  

2. This article isn't what you'd expect, amazing story about juggling motherhood and taking help when needed and how we can change the world. 

3. After several questionable choices over the weekend, I'm left wondering how male children make it to adulthood.    This video supports my concerns.   

4. It seems like everyone I know is reading Brene Brown's new book and loving it.   My copy showed up from Amazon on Saturday and I plan to spend my upcoming airport time devouring it.   Is it on your list?  

5. Eye-opening article about the wealth gap in America.  

6. Super cool corn maze right here in Wisconsin.  

7. Amazing coincidences.

8. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Richard Davidson speak about his research on meditations effects on the brain, it was so worth my time.  Here is a brief video of him from last year.