Five full days of fun

(not a real picture of my friends, but a real representation of how old our kids think we are)

(not a real picture of my friends, but a real representation of how old our kids think we are)


You guys, why is getting old hard some days?   After 5 days of travel and fun I’m feeling like I did in the newborn days, utterly exhausted and like life might be too hard to live if I don’t have a box of cookies.   I’ve been in sweatpants for two days now and there isn’t an end in sight. People that airport often, you are working hard, there is a lot of nonsense going on out there.  I had my cheese curds swabbed for explosives, which I guess is normal.   At the Minneapolis airport they actually make continuous announcements in the security line, if you are carrying meat and cheese please remove it from your bag so they can properly screen it.   Dear Midwestern people, I am now one of you, traveling with dairy products like it’s totally normal. Life is absurd, having your squeaky cheese manhandled at the airport shows us we’ve all taken a wrong turn somewhere.   

Returning to the land of my people has me in full appreciation mode for my Mormon pioneer ancestors.  I know they were tired after trekking across the country, burning buffalo poop to keep warm,  but they didn’t let that stop them from building THE BEST street system in the known world.   Why is every place not a grid, straight lines with a zero/zero point that everything radiates from?   Oh, you live at 5200 South?   So exactly 52 blocks south of the Mormon temple, perfect I can find that.    Maybe, like they advertise, the Mormon church is the only true church, God’s hand is clearly in their city planning, Amen Brothers, and Sisters.   If GPS weren’t a thing I would have moved back years ago.   The fact that this was such a highlight of my trip shows how priorities change as you age.  I also went to Whole Foods 1,000 times because a nice grocery store where you can overpay for your food is such a luxury

Anyway, hanging out with ladies I met in 1997 was a trip.   Everyone looked the same, except more tired and less excited about walking around in high heels.   The drinks were fancier, the dinner more expensive but the company was just as great as I remember.    My number one recommendation for all incoming college freshmen, make a friend who loves you and likes to plan parties.  This person will be the glue, they will send you professional level Christmas cards and plan your reunions, they are worth far more than your entire education.    Shout out to TLC for planning the most kick-ass 20-year pledge class reunion of all time.   The planning for our gathering started over a year ago, but I imagine she dreamt it up while watching Tommy Boy on endless loop way back in 1998.  I’m not even mad anymore that there was a 1920’s theme, it worked and we all looked amazing.    

I rolled back into town just in time to pick the boys up from the school bus on Tuesday afternoon, there was no easing back in, we drove straight to the grocery store to pick up dinner ingredients and it was a sprint to bedtime from that point on.   On Wednesday morning the boys wanted me to rate how my first day back was, specifically if it was easy. After I answered they let me know “we didn’t even complain when you made us run errands, Dad told us we needed to be nice to you”.   Even if the trip wasn’t amazing, that one gloriously complaint free shopping experience was worth the cost of my plane ticket.