Tidbits from around the web

Cue the time of year where I look up images that remind me of warm weather.  Cactus anyone?

Cue the time of year where I look up images that remind me of warm weather.  Cactus anyone?

The sun is shining and a new week has dawned.   I hope everyone enjoyed some rest and relaxation and finds themselves supercharged and ready to conquer the next few days.   I have a busy calendar this week and have decided to start my day with gratitude to put me in the right frame of mind to accomplish everything on my plate.   Does anyone else want to join me in 20 minutes of gratitude every day this week?   If so, please look for my Facebook posts the next few days and chime in with how you are feeling.   

In the meantime, enjoy the links I've dug up.  

1.  Here's another interesting alternative therapy that I would try.   I've done acupuncture in the past and loved the results.   

2. A family in my hometown made the news.   A little part of me thinks they did pretty good not losing a kid until now.   

3. Lucas was chuckling to himself one night and I found him watching this.   He said these ladies reminded him of me.....

4. Our family is still in an early bedtime holding pattern, between 5:45 and 6:30 on school nights.    We hoped we could resume evening activities by now but the touch and go emotional state after school has us gun shy.    This article speaks to the emotional toll of overscheduling.

5.  The internet has been abuzz with news of Harvey Weinstein and the dark side of Hollywood.   I've personally experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, but the more horrific part for me, was when I was told to "just get over it" and "not be so sensitive" or "it was just a joke".     I appreciate this post over @ Design Mom.   

6.  I think this is a must read about how our minds are being hijacked by smart devices. 

7.   Try not to laugh at this.  

8.  Cheryl Sandberg on gratitude, the ultimate reframe.