to be continued...


You guys, what is even happening?  I’ve had a wonderful week full of ideas and learning and fun stuff.  My brain is bursting with ideas for blog posts and new meditation classes but they all feel a little half-baked.   I currently have 3 blog posts in progress but none are ready to launch into the world.   What I’m saying is, I’ve committed to myself that I will show up in this space once a week, but this week all I have is “to be continued”.   

I’m working diligently on training for an upcoming class, I’m bouncing out of bed every day because I can’t wait to get going.   It is pretty much blowing my mind and I am so excited to share it once I’m done.   The human brain is such a fascinating thing!  God doesn’t make junk, as my favorite Chiropractor says, and figuring out how we can go back to our “factory settings” has me spinning.   I have so much percolating for 2018 but I am focused on staying present to the amazing things that are already happening.  This week on facebook I have intentionally posted a few things I’m grateful for every day.  It’s a private practice I’ve had for several years, sharing it this week has helped me remain focused on the daily blessings and not spin too far into the future.  

As I focus on staying present I realize there is something about my kiddos growing up that has me wishing for a pause button.   I have absolutely loved having a 5 and 7-year-old and I plan to soak these ages up for the last few months that remain.   I’m not generally one to wish my kids would stay small, but these ages are tender and have brought me immense joy.   When I get too sentimental I just remind myself that neither of them is ready to do a solid job cleaning the toilet, so I need to let them grow up so I can do more lounging and less housework.   I’ve heard teenagers are a great help around the house….right?   

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back next week.