Tidbits from around the web


Halloween is quickly approaching, is everyone ready?  I still need to make the boys costumes, that will be priority #1 this week.  I feel lucky that I have another year where they have agreed to a theme and I get to bring it to life.  Anyone else still DIY-ing for their little people?  Well, my boys are off school today and we are planning a little adventure to celebrate.   While we are out and about here are some links I found while trolling the internet.   

1.  "I'd rather pay for colostomy bags at a yard sale

2. Would you join a secret letter writing club?  I sure would.  

3. I've been following Mari Andrews on Instagram, I can't get enough of her witty and insightful illustrations.  

4.  Besides Costco, IKEA is my favorite giant warehouse to lose track of time in.  I've always wondered about the product names, you too?   Check this out.  

5. I just finished binging the Dirty John podcast, it was great! 

6. Did you see the article circulating about brain function after death?   Lots of people found it scary, I thought it was reassuring.  How about you?  

7.  I've never been able to switch from an analog calendar to digital.   I use a modified Bullet Journal, anyone else love this system?   

8. I'm looking for someone with some specialized crochet skills.  

9. Still brainstorming costume ideas?   This doesn't look too hard to whip up.