Tidbits from around the web


I was able to pack a lot of Halloween costume making in today and I think we are finally ready to hit the streets to troll for candy on Tuesday.    The kids are stoked about their costumes and I can't wait to impose the parent tax on their candy.    While we patiently wait for Hallows Eve, here are some links to help pass the time.   

1.  I'm a sucker for dogs in costume.  

2. Mormon funeral potatoes, strangely delicious.  Last year I updated my recipe to a gluten-free version, still totally delicious.  

3. Have you seen this anti-bullying campaign?   It's a great reminder that we are all in this together.   Also, are the people at your local Burger King this well dressed?  

4. Have you heard of dry skin brushing?  I've done it for years, it was the only thing to get rid of the keratosis pilaris on my arms.  

5. This makes so much sense!   I'm always exhausted when I sleep away from home.  

6. With almost 2 months of school under our belts, I needed a little lunch packing inspo.  

7. My little Zen asks for a kitty all the time.   If they came with this awesome furniture I might be swayed.  

8.  Couple goals