Tidbits from around the web

I’m writing this post from the spotty WiFi at the Denver International Airport.  I’m currently waiting out a rebooked flight and really enjoying the people watching.  Here are a few things I found to share.  

This article about a why shootings keep happening was thought provoking

Did you know that drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving? After reading this article, I’m going to bunk down at a relatives place tonight and do the 3 hour drive home tomorrow.  

I just did 3 laps around the C concourse wearing socks that keep sliding down my heels.   Glad this confirms walking is still a great form of excercise, otherwise all I accomplished was rubbing a blister on my right foot. 

After spending the last few days with a group of my sorority sisters I’m again reminded of how magic Greek life was for me.  Here is a brief post about the benefits of pledging a sorority. 

I’m currently reading Brene Brown’s Braving The Wilderness. It is wonderful, I’ve weirded out 2 separate sets of seat mates with my tear streaked cheeks.  If you want a taste of what you can expect, here is a podcast to check out.   

Have you seen someone with hair tinsel?  I was chatting with a gal @ the electronics charging station and she was rocking it. 

I’m laughing hard at this post about Spirit Airlines. Have you used them? 


Christy Bartelt