Favorite things list


I have a different kind of list for you today.  I have gift-giving on the brain,  3 out of 4 of us have birthdays between December and January, not to mention Christmas is almost here.  

I've compiled lots of things that bring me joy.  I also added a section for things I would adore receiving (hint hint Lucas).   Maybe there's a little inspiration here for you too. 

Free things I love!

1.  Yoga with Adriene, she's an awesome instructor and just goofy enough to be fun but not annoying.  

2.  Insight Timer meditation app, I use it every day.   

3.  Funny animal videos on Youtube

4. Sorting out clutter and getting rid of all the junk, so satisfying.  An acquaintance just hired a dumpster for this purpose, it sounds amazing.

5. Library books.  I like to do my free book "shopping" online and have them waiting for me at the front desk.   Not to mention my local branch uses the Overdrive app and tons of e-books and audiobooks are available for download.  

6.  On Being podcast, Krista Tippett is a master interviewer and has incredibly insightful guests.   


Stuff that costs money

1.  My rebounding trampoline.   I've had mine for well over 2 years and jump 28 of 30 days every month.   I put on a podcast and get 10 minutes of bouncing every day.   

2. Gratitude Journal.    I started with The Five Minute Journal, the prompts really kept me on track in the beginning.  Now freestyle in a Leuchttrum, I love the design and fun color options.  

3.  I'm a serial face mask user.   I probably put one on 3 times per week.   The 3 people I regularly Snapchat can confirm how often I take part in this lovely self-care ritual.   My hands down favorite mask is Tata Harper's clarifying mask, it doesn't get hard while you wear it and it does amazing things for my skin.   A close second is Beauty Counter's charcoal mask, it takes less time to use than the Tata mask and also has great results, but it isn't as lux an experience.  I alternate between these two and dabble here and there with others.  I'm a sucker for face care products, especially ones that work. 

4.  My absolutely favorite savory snack is a dish of castelvetrano olives.   The Jeff's brand is the absolute best, the olives have a unique buttery flavor, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.   They aren't inexpensive, I buy the version with the pit intact, I'm more mindful when I have to avoid breaking my teeth which inturn makes them last longer.    

5. Blue light blocking glasses!   We are nothing if not really nerdy at our house.   Both Luke and I wear these at night to avoid melatonin suppression while we use the computer or watch TV.   They are always good for a laugh when I pop them on at a girls weekend or send someone a picture of myself wearing them at night.   

6. I don't think I would have made it through these last 7 Wisconsin winters without a mid-thigh length coat.   I love the Columbia coat  I purchased last year, it is so warm and really cute.   I threw the faux fur away, it creeps me out. 

7.  Nobody would eat around here if I didn't have an Instant Pot.   Seriously it has changed everything.   

8. doTERRA essential oils.   I diffuse and wear these all over my body every day.   My current diffuser situation is a mix of Holiday Peace and Elevation, SO GOOD.  


My wishlist

1.    I would love these upgraded blue light blocking shades.    The comedic factor goes way down, but these are much better looking and I think the small would fit my face better. 

2.  These conversation prompt cards look awesome, I would love the whole set.  

3. Gimme all the sweatpants.   These and these, please. 

4. While we are checking out cozy things.   I love this and this and this from Assembly Shop in Stevens Point.   You can shop online now, awesome! 

5.  Macrame wall hanging kit from Reform Fibers.   I follow this artist on Instagram and love her work, I have the urge to give it a whirl myself. 

6. I've been dying to see Hamilton, I would love to check it out in Minneapolis, fingers crossed. 


That's my list.   Anything you can't live without or are hoping gets gifted to you this holiday season?