Tidbits from around the web


This time change has everyone at our house yawning and in need of naps.   Someday "fall back" will be exciting again, I hope.   

It's November and if you've been following along on Facebook we are working on our gratitude muscles.   I would love you to join in, jump in on the daily prompts and let us know what's making you smile.    Here are some links I loved last week, enjoy.   

1.   Check out this article on ways to increase gratitude in our kiddos.  

2.  I've noticed the less "stuff" our boys have, the happier they are (me too!).   Here's a great list of things to give kids instead of toys.  

3. Any Humans of NY Instagram fans?   Have you been following along with the videos they've released?   A few quotes that stood out to me...."I learned how to read in prison, I taught myself" and "I want white people to know that I'm just as scared of you".   Lots to think on.  

4.  I've made this beef stew once a week for the last month, YUM!   Instant Pot for the win. 

5.  New to me, mindfulness expert Ellen Langer had some really interesting things to say in this podcast.   

6.  I'm a sucker for dogs in costume, this Panda just about did me in.  

7.  We turn our cellphones and wifi router off every night, do you?   Check out this experiment.  

8.  With all the junk in the news lately, this seems like a solid thing to share to keep men out of the landmine of sexual harassment charges.  

Christy Bartelt