Tidbits from around the web


Howdy folks!   I had an amazing week, it was the last full week of school before the holiday and that's something to be savored.   I hope all of your holiday shopping is done and the wrapping is well underway, we are closing in on the final details here and it feels great.   

Here are some links to enjoy when you grab a second to relax.   

I hope my grandkids find some of my documented shenanigans funny in 40 years.  

Remeber The Hunger Games?   How about the wild hair and makeup of the people in the Capital?  Yeah, I guess it wasn't that far-fetched

This is very interesting 

I received (stole) this @ a gift exchange this week, it smells crazy good. 

Gifts from Auntie Amanda showed up this week, and these were a huge hit. 

Holy smokes, this woman has stolen the thoughts from my head and made them better.  She's a must follow.  

Adorable dogs, because they're always the way to go.  

This book is next up for me, I haven't done fiction in awhile.  


Christy Bartelt