Random lovelies from 2017


2017 was a supercharged growth year for me.   I felt many years of inner work turning outward.   I challenged myself to be vulnerable and was rewarded in more ways than I could possibly list here.   The single biggest reward was incredible friendships both new and old.  I've taken to heart lessons from my past, looked hard at mistakes I've made and most importantly extended myself grace and understood that everything has happened to bring me to this point, which frankly is incredible.   

To ring out the year I made a list of all the things I LOVED this year.    It may feel pollyanna to ignore the hurt and turmoil that impacted the world this year, but I realized that the more I stayed on my course the better I was able to support others.   So here you go, maybe there is inspiration for your 2018

Random lovelies from 2018


1. AE Jeans.   Seriously, the high waisted (not Mom jeans) jeggings have been my constant friend this year.   I haven't felt this great in jeans since prior to having kiddos. 

2. Tata Harper skin care products.   They live up to the hype and are worth every penny.   

3. Fleece Leggings.   It's cold AF here, these puppies are cozy and I love them.   

4.  CBD/Hemp oil.   I haven't felt this good in ages.   Not to mention our dog, Cooper, is doing better than ever on the oil.   

5.  Hypnotherapy.    Early in 2017, I did a session for myself, the transformation for me was unbelievable.   The impact was so tremendous I knew I needed to help others in the same way.  I can't explain how powerful this therapy has been and I look forward to helping as many people as I can. 

Not things - 

1. Naps.   I took a lot of them this year.   Mostly the 15-minute power variety but plenty of time was spent on my couch.   It was refreshing and necessary.   

2. Reframing.   The concept of finding the positive in any situation.   There is always a lesson and silver lining if you're willing to look

3. Accepting help.   It took 38 years, but now if someone offers to help me I jump at the chance.   Sometimes it's hard, sometimes there are strings you weren't aware of, but always there is a lesson and deeper relationship.   If we all just leaned on each other more the world would be a much easier place, especially for Moms. 

4. Focusing on my kids' positive attributes.    It dawned on me this year (I'm slow on the uptake sometimes), that telling derogatory stories about my little people was the same as gossiping behind a friend's back.  Actual it's worse!   I'm in charge of raising these little loves well and guiding to them into adulthood, I'd like to do with respect.   I'm not perfect, but I am so much better and we are all better for it.   

5.  Taking imperfect action.   I was waiting to do things right and that kept me from doing most things at all.   Other people are pretty generous with their forgiveness, I'm learning to take the leap and learn from my mistakes.  

I look forward to 2018 being even more amazing than 2017.   Wishing you all the same.