Tidbits from around the web


Happy Friday!   Did everyone enjoy the eclipse frenzy on Monday, we thought it was awesome. We have a fun weekend planned, I hope you do too.   Here are some interesting tidbits I found around the web this week.  

Do you watch Game of Thrones?   I thought this was dead funny after last Sunday's episode. 

I've got this song by Khalid on repeat.  

This post, a sex question from a college bound Mormon girl, is pretty great.   I grew up in this culture and love the thoughtful response.  The comments are a gold mine as well.  

Can a pessimist become an optimist, I certainly hope so?   Loved this NYT piece. 

Flatten the "mommy tummy" in 10 minutes a day?  Interesting

Do you use essential oils?   The news that doTerra is expanding their Utah headquarters and will include a medical clinic is pretty cool.   "The building will boast five medical doctors with a focus on integrative care."

We are just over 10 days from the start of school.   I'll be keeping this post in mind our first week.