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The images coming from Texas are horrifying.   We have family in the area and they luckily haven't lost their homes, but so many have.  I've linked several places that could use monetary donations to help in the weeks, months and years to come.    

1. Hurrican Harvey has devastated large parts of Texas.   We all want to help, but don't send 1 high heel and a winter coat.   Great article on what really helps after this type of event. 

2. Here are a few places to donate those affected by Harvey.   Here, here, here

3. I found the perfect t-shirt! I scored 2 of these several weeks ago and they are amazing. 

4. I'm planning a trip back to Utah to celebrate my 20-year sorority pledge class reunion.  Thought I would flash back on a song that was popular in 1997.

5. I love this look at recycling in Norway. 

6. I keep getting flyers in the mail to try Blue Apron, this had me rolling.  

7. Sexism is still a thing.   Fascinating article

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