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Hi all, I had a dear friend reach out to me and "mansplain" that my weekly links would be more useful to people on Monday's.   It makes sense that people might be interested in a little early week distraction from their to-do list.   So here goes. 

1.   I thought this map of the US was pretty spot on.   

2.  Vitacost.com is having a food flash sale, use the code "tasty20", before 9AM EST on 9/13 for 20% off your food purchase of $50 or more.   Vitacost is one of my go to online retailers for specialty food and supplements at amazing prices.  

2 (a) Before you head over to Vitacost, check out Ebates.com, it's an affiliate aggregate that offers a percentage back if you use their website to access a huge variety of online retailers.   Ebates.com accounts are totally free and an awesome way to earn money back when making online purchases.  Since signing up in 2012 I've received over $530 back from purchases I was already making.    If you use my ebates link to sign up I do get a kick back, but I would recommend them either way.   

3.  I've been meaning to try my hand at making Ghee, here is a recipe using my favorite kitchen tool, the Instant Pot.   

4. How cool is this planting machine? 

5. Do you have a hard time coming up with small talk?  Check out this illustration over at cupofjo.com.  

6. In 2012 I contracted C. Difficile, a super bug, after having an emergency appendectomy.   The health crisis that I experienced after that totally changed my life.   This article about a new way to kill these super bugs is music to my ears.  Spoiler, it's not antibiotics.  

7.  Beauty expectations, what it's like for a teenage girl.   

8.  These photos look fake, but they aren't 

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