Tidbits from around the web


It doesn't feel like fall here, we spent an amazing day at the lake on Saturday.   These temps are dreamy and I wish they would hang on until Halloween.   I noticed that my friends and family back in Utah had their first snow last weekend, so weird for Wisconsin to be winning the weather wars.   You might be sweating or maybe sittting by a cozy fire, either way I've got a nice little collection of links this week, enjoy! 

1. You must watch this until the end.  

2. Speaking of Halloween, this site has some amazing DIY costume ideas.  

3. I'm constantly telling my kids to "be careful".  This article has lots of alternatives.

4. Has your doc ever prescribed yoga therapy?  

5. Here are some great ways to help a new mom, those first few weeks can be brutal.  

6. Did you see the criminal pooper?  

7. Are you a Tim Ferriss fan?   I found this talk powerful. 

8. Tired of the term "fake news".   I found this information interesting.  

Christy Bartelt