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Wow, January is speeding right by and I'm not yet is a solid groove with my new work schedule.  It's certainly a good problem to have, but I have to find a rhythm soon that suits everyone in the family.   I hope the New Year is off to a good start for you and yours.  

The last 2 years I've set word or phrase intentions for the year and 2018 is no different.   My focus this year is INSPIRED ACTION.   I want to grow and build from a place of inspiration.   So far I'm off to a great start.   On that note, I'm feeling inspired to share with you links I've been collecting for some time.   Enjoy, and happy Monday.  

Too dang cute

We are continuing to work on emotional agility with the boys, this article was a good refresh.

More funny animals, I just can't stop.    

Do yourself a favor and listen to Brene Brown talk about boundaries. 

More animals.

Is your cookware safe? 

This looks like a fun way to enjoy the frigid temps.  

I had no idea.   Jesus, and his presence in the Muslim faith.   

What happens when a deer walks into a store....

New Year's resolutions fulfilled, doggie style.  

I'm a nettie pot fan, this is next level and frankly a little scary.  



Christy Bartelt