Overdue tidbits from around the web


It's been far too long.   I needed a pick me up today and thought you might as well.   Here are some links I've collected from around the web.   

This one is worth a second round.   I laughed so hard, ladies and gentlemen, the faces of figure skating

Mermen, it's a thing. 

Snowboarding clips from Marcus Kleveland 

Call the toddler feelings helpline

Because I know you've been wondering, this is how much boobs weigh in terms of animals. 

I guess this is what happy people have in their kitchens?  My list would have included chocolate and avocados, but I'm pretty easy to please. 

If you aren't watching Kalen Reacts on youtube your life isn't complete.  

I wish I could have met this man, he seems pretty awesome.