Mothers Day Tidbits


Happy Mother's Day!   I'm sharing a couple of  links that really have me deep thinking this week, it's up to you to decide which I'm referring too.   I hope you enjoy.   

-  I was raised without a Mother and until I had my own kids Mother's Day was a bit uncomfortable for me.   I loved this illustration by Mari Andrew.  

- The entire Bartelt clan tried out homemade crystal-infused water and 100% of us thought it tasted amazing, sweeter than normal.    I got the idea from THIS episode of the Lively Show.

- Michael Pollan was interviewed on a recent episode of the Tim Ferriss show, it is totally worth listening too.    Around the 13 minute mark,  Michael shares a story about a woman who used a guided psychedelic trip to rid herself of intense fear associated with a cancer recurrence.   The experience, where she tells the fear it needs to leave her body, is something that happens A LOT in my Rapid Transformational Therapy work.    I'm fascinated by the similarities between how psychedelics affect the subconscious in a similar way to the work I do.   

-In the Michael Pollan podcast, he also references THIS article.   

- Another of my fav podcasts is teasing that season 3 is on the way.   If you're new to Revisionist History, you need to check out seasons 1 and 2.  

- Father's Day gift recommendations, either THIS or THIS book by Malcolm Gladwell.   

- On the recommendation of friends, I have this book slated next up.  

- My mothers day has been full of new houseplants, which are one of my favorite things.   I might also treat myself with a Gua Sha tool, after reading this article (and following Britta Beauty on the Instas) I'm totally interested in giving it a whirl.   


Christy Bartelt